Welcome to Thailand House Plan!


We are a total of ID fit-out solution and construction – house builder. Also with over view design concept and shop drawing along with 3D drawing for presentation. Which is will make you clearly picture on your requirement. With our comprehensive suite of professionally managed ID fit-out services, we believe clients will benefit from a series of quality products with fine workmanship supported with professional project management services - all in a timely manner which is deeming important for project developments. With the competencies, expertise and experience of our, we trust that our group’s in-depth knowledge, professionally managed operations and wide resources networks can add worth and significance benefitting your project ultimately. In addition, we have also developed many exciting concepts and innovative ideas including other viable solutions including "pre-fabricated off-site" schemes ensuring no disruption of works on site. By implementing and utilizing these initiatives, clients will enjoy overall savings in terms of product costs; man power & time savings and also reduction in defective works making handing over of units much easier. Lastly. We are proudly to present you on our professional working with a expert – highly experience workers. We are not only working in thailand or local place . We also had experience on oversea working with high pressure and high quality. It’s don’ts matter to stop us to carry on a project. Always we are keep in mind to work for you as a our best client. And Always we never just think about to just simply working. Which are the best that’s what we looking to give you as a present. However all of above matter Please let’s us to move forwards and run of your project.

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